Maintain Integrity of Your Home – Get Termite Pest Control Solutions in Penrith

Having a beautiful home is the biggest wish of every individual. People pay a lot of attention while buying a property and put their best foot forward to convert it into their dream home. They tastefully select the décor and scheme of each rooms, and also get high-end appliances installed to make their property more comfortable. But things turn into nightmare when the same beloved residence is attacked by termites and similar other harmful pests.

What are Termites?

Termites, which are infamous for being silent destroyers are one of the oldest and well-established insects existent on the earth. These small insects own potential to eat up the whole property, making it hollow and unliveable. Termites consume wood, and other materials such as paper, plastic, animal feces, and drywall. They attack properties which is termed as termite infestation and to get rid of them, it is vital to avail termite pest control Penrith services.

Why Termite and Pest Control is Important?

Termite pest control Picton is important to save the value and integrity of your residential or commercial premise. If you fail to recognize the presence of these disastrous insects, they can damage the property beyond repair, putting you in a miserable state. If you notice signs like sagging and hollow-sounding wood, presence of wings, blowholes in tress and piles of termite frass, then it is recommended to connect with a leading termite and pest control company serving your region. Their expert team will detect the presence of termites and use advanced methods and techniques to make your property completely free from termites. One such company you can trust is Falls Pest Control.

Founded in year 1992, Falls Pest Control offer comprehensive termite maintenance and prevention solutions. They eliminate termites and other pests to bestow you the complete peace of mind. They serve 6 days a week; to get further details about their pest control treatment Penrith solutions, check the website

Pest control in the Wentworth falls

Pest control in the Wentworth falls is essential to protect your family from biting stinging and annoying insects. Pest control in wentworth falls at this time of year will reduce spiders from taking up residence in and around your home. . reduce the ninja actions when you get home in the late afternoon or early morning by having a treatment carried out Pest control in Wentworth falls will also keep your family safe from the 6cm Blue mountains bush ant .. they are black and are very aggressive..they even call their mates to help if they are in trouble.. very hard to get rid of for Wentworth falls home owners but rest assured they are included in your pest control treatment in Wentworth falls and the Blue Mountains areas.

Wentworth falls is a very scenic and historical area to visit, with so many visitors to this lovely area taking in our Australian way of life. if you have visitors staying from overseas they will surely comment on the insects and how they dislike so many dangerous ones around the home. if it is really bad you may not have them visit again.
Overseas visitors to the Blue Mountains and in particular Wentworth falls, should be more focused on the person they are visiting and the beauty of Wentworth Falls. Not the biting and stinging insects.. have your home treated as soon as possible by Falls Pest Control to reduce the likely occurrence of an injury

Pest control in Wentworth falls
Falls Pest Control. servicing the Blue Mountains and Wentworth falls areas

Biting stinging insects in and around Sydney, Western Sydney and the Blue Mountains


Spring is here and the insects are starting to come out already.. this spring and summer is going to be a scorcher, bush fires are going to be the worst they have ever been in the last 10 years due to the lack of fires and back burning over the last few years.

When the heat does arrive the insects will be on the march into residential homes.

We have some of the most dangerous animals and insects in the world,, the funnel web spider is renowned throughout the world s is the red back spider (in the USA they call this the black widow)

There are ways to reduce the risk of spider bites,

1       have regular treatments to harbourages

2       when gardening always lift items that are on the ground or close to the ground away from your body so the insect.. or animal has an escape route away from you

3       always check inside shoes or items of clothing that have been on the ground, looking is the best way but also giving a shake is always a good idea

4       Almost all spiders are nocturnal and move around during hot or warm weather so putting a snake, towel, filled long sock under the door to reduce the risk of insects crawling in is advisable.

5       Treatments that control the laying spiders and egg sacks greatly reduce the likely hood of your family members being bitten.

Have a great spring and an awesome summer and if you have any queries drop me a email or give me a call



Falls Pest Control

different methods of Pest Control

What are the Different Methods of Pest Control

No matter how clean you keep our surroundings, avoiding pests completely is something that is not possible and with time, the pests, rats, termites, etc increase in number and start destroying everything that is around. One simple yet most effective solution to this is the usage of different pest control methods. There are different methods of pest control in Blue Mountains that one can choose from depending upon what is stated in the inspection report. Check out some of these methods discussed below.

Chemical Pest Control

The use of insecticides and pesticides has been the most commonly used measure to deal with the pests. Since this is the most effective method and the chances of failure is close to nil, most of the people prefer to opt for it. There are some pre and post pest control steps that are to be followed with this process.

Using the Barriers

There are both physical as well as chemical barriers that are used to limit the growth of these pests in a specific area. Once a thorough termite Inspection in Penrith is done, these barriers are used before infusing any pesticides. There are some beneficial insects and baiting methods as well that are used along with this method for quick and effective result.


This is an effective way of getting rid of the mice and rats. Since using chemicals and pesticides to kill them can be very dangerous and these dead animals might release poisonous odour, traps are used to catch them. There are different types of pests that can be captured through these traps and once done; they are disposed off very carefully.

Since all these methods are not something that you should do on your own, take professional help from reputed pest control companies in Australia.

Importance of Pest control and Pest Management

Importance of Pest control and Pest Management

Pest Control in Penrith, as the name suggests is a process where different aids and treatments are used to control the growing pests, insects, rats, etc. at any place. It is generally seen that when the pests are allowed to grow over a long time period, they start destroying the walls, furniture, etc thus causing a lot of loss to everything. People often overlook this problem and then they have to spend thousands of bucks over the repairing works. This is where the pest control and Termite Treatment in Picton come into the picture.

The importance of pest management is being understood by people for a variety of reasons. Take a look at some of the major reasons due to which you should consider getting these done for your properties.

  • Health

Insects and germs are not going to do any good to you and your family’s health but instead they would only cause infections and medical problems. Different kinds of pests are responsible for inducing different types of health issues in the people living around. Some of these conditions are very severe and can lead to fatal accidents as well. Since this should be a major concern, the only effective solution to it is pest control.

  • Damage To The Environment

Pests have the capacity to damage the environment, plants and the surroundings and it also affects the growth and production of everything around. If not controlled at the initial level, these issues can lead to a lot of issues and thus need to be dealt with the help of pest management solutions.

  • Damage To The Property

Have you noticed that your window frames have become hollow inside or do you find some powder like substance around your furniture! The major reason behind all this can be termites that are slowly eating up your property and everything that is consumable for them. It is seen that continuous negligence of this can damage things completely and leave them useless. So if you are noticing any of such things, it is time you call for Termite Inspection in Penrith.

  • Maintenance

Everything needs a regular maintenance and same goes with your property structure and things as well. Even if you don’t see any such signs of pests and termites, getting regular pest control done can help in keeping them away. This is one simple step towards maintaining everything properly.