Common Pests

Common Pests

Spiders, silverfish ants , common cockroaches, German cockroaches, lice and fleas
American cockroaches, Australian cockroaches, bush cockroaches, bees wasps
Insects in and around the home can cause many problems for your family.
Australia has some of the most dangerous insects in the world like the red back spider and the funnel web spider, they lurk in areas we let our children play in everyday.

Other insects like your cockroaches, bird lice, silverfish can cause many different ailments from dysentery, asthma and other health ailments.

Stings and bites are common and can lead to many painful experiences. Pests are not just a nuisance, they can seriously impact your health and your home or property.

Household pests

We deal quickly and effectively with all household pests common to Sydney homes including:

AntsFleasSpiderRodentsCockroachesBirdsBees and Wasps

How will you be effected?

In most cases there is no disruption to your regular home life. We arrive on time and leave your home exactly the way we found it. Our treatments are non–harmful to your family, pets, plants and the environment.

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