Pest Control


Force Majeure

The company shall not be responsible for failure to meet its contractual obligations if the failure results directly or indirectly from causes beyond its control.

Risk and ownership

The equipment supplied under this agreement and any additional and/or replacement equipment remains the property of the company notwithstanding its installation in the Client’s premises until paid.

The client agrees to comply with all instructions made by the company concerning the use and operation of the equipment and advise the company as soon as possible if the equipment needs repair or additional servicing.  The client will not attempt to move, dismantle, modify or repair the equipment or allow any person other than the company to do so.

The client also agrees to take reasonable care of the equipment (including preventing from misuse and theft) and indemnifies the company for all loss or damage to the equipment from any causes whatsoever on a replacement cost basis.

Prior to commencement of the agreement the client is required to read the instructions given together with this agreement to ensure that the necessary precautions are taken for Pest Control treatment.  The company shall not follow be responsible / or liable for any personal injury or damage to property (internal or external) should the client not follow the recommended precautions.

Only control agents that are approved by the department of Primary industries and Energy’s Australia Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority and registered for use in the State of New South Wales will be used.

Where cutting/drilling is required no liability shall be accepted should damage occur to concealed services such as gas, water, electricity, drains or telecommunications.  The client agrees to indemnify Falls Pest Control against any such cost or claims that might arise from such damage.

This agreement does not guarantee against present or future damage to the building or content or provide for the repair or replacement thereof. This agreement does not provide for control of any other pest not indicted herein.

Instructions and Precautions for Treatment before Treatment

  1. You must advise us of any pets or any family or personal allergies or other concerns. You must advise us in writing if any female is pregnant. Any persons with particular sensitivity should remain clear of the area for 4 hours after the service and food items and kitchen utensils should be covered.
  2. You should abide by any verbal advice provided by Falls Pest Control at the time of the service.
  3. Prior to treatment, all living things, (excluding plants) birds, dogs, cats, fish (fish tanks must be removed or hermetically sealed by you) and all persons in resident must vacate the premises.
  4. All windows and doors should be closed. Open all cupboards and drawers. All air conditioners should be switched off.
  5. Smoke detection systems must be switched off or covered and if remotely connected, the security company must be informed.
  6. Falls Pest Control must be informed in writing, prior to treatment of any areas not requiring treatment. These areas must also be clearly labelled by the client with warning stickers prior to treatment.

After Treatment

  1. Open all doors and windows immediately open return for 5-10 minutes.
  2. Premises which are solely air conditioned is switched on. Ensure smoke detection sensors are uncovered and/or re-connected.
  3. You should ensure that the premises are fully ventilated following the service.
  4. All animal drink and food containers to be washed.

Bees – With respect to Bee treatment a warranty is given for the treatment of the specific existing colony which will dissipate after a few days following treatment.  Bees have a homing device substance situated at the entrance to a nest which can attract further colonies.  It is therefore imperative that (if bees are nesting in a wall cavity or similar situation) the client arranges for the entry point(s) to be adequately sealed within a few days post treatment.

Possums – No warranty is given regarding possum re-entry to roof void or other area(s) of removal.  Government regulation permits the removal of possums (by case) from a roof etc and released in the immediate area only.  It is imperative therefore that the client arrange for the roof or other access point(s) to be sealed on the day of possum removal.  Failure to do this will risk immediate re-entry of the possum.


Note: The conditions above apply when using the Natural Pyrethrins gas and oil of Tea Tree gas or other natural and biological gasses.  (Please consult the field service operator or company office if further information is required).  The gassing treatment employed by the company is the most sophisticated method of treatment of internal insect pest control available.  It is clean, fast and extremely biologically efficient and has been extensively evaluated in hospitals, universities, laboratories, schools, factories, offices and domestic premises.  However, because of its biological potency, certain precautionary measures should be taken by the client.