Termite Inspection

Termite Inspection

With different types of lifestyles and circumstances, different types of animals, pests, etc. are present at homes and workplaces and create havoc at all the places. Since all these pests, termites and animals have different properties and characteristics, identifying them and finding solutions to get completely rid of them involves different processes. Falls Pest Control offers the best inspection services for termite inspection in Penrith and pest inspection in Sydney to help you identify the problem elements. We do a close inspection and offer you a deep inspection report. Depending upon these reports of Pest Inspection in Penrith, a solution would be offered.

Termite inspections and building inspections combined cost is $395 GST Included. Yes, that’s right, both inspections for under $500.

The following are a guide to the prices we charge to ensure one of your most valuable assets is pest free…

Pest inspections, annual inspection$220 GST included
Pre Purchase Pest Inspection, also Timbersecure inspection$260 GST Included
Building inspection pre purchase$375 GST Included
Pest and Building inspection$495 GST Included

All inspections come with photos of problem areas and we also have qualified contractors to give you quotes for any work that is needed… great if you are a buyer of a home ,as this will allow you to negotiate prices

If you a seller , know what problems there are and be informed on ways to remedy the issues to make a hassle free sale..
Timbersecure is transferable to the new owner for a small cost.

of know what Be aware that there is only 1 insurance that will cover your home for termites, TimberSecure