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Termites can literally eat you out of house and home. So just imagine what it would feel like if termites set up camp in your home munching away on all your timbers.


Bird damage is a significant problem in Australia, with over 30 species that can cause significant losses to property, food and agricultural industries.


As winter closes in, rats enter houses more often and with our temperatures falling the amount of rats entering is becoming an all time high.

Common Pests

Australia has some of the most dangerous insects in the world like the red back spider and the funnel web spider, they lurk in areas we let our children play in everyday.


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Termite control Penrith
Termite Inspection
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Founded in 1992

Prompt, personal and efficient service 6 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Your home is a terrific breeding area for all types of insects that creep around of a night and take over your home while you are sleeping.

  • If you see 1, times that by 50 because most of these insects are hiding, other insects you never see until its too late like wood-destroying organisms such as termites these disrupt the enjoyment and safety of your family.
  • Instead of trying to identify small, crawling, flying or web-spinning pests, and self-applying chemical products, you may decide to call a professional pest control service. Falls Pest Control.
  • Here in New South Wales we have been providing such services for over 20 years and are experts in most fields of pest control.
  • The first step in eliminating pests from your environment is a thorough pest control inspection by a licensed inspector. The inspector will perform a thorough inspection of the home, and property. We inspect for a wide variety of pests, including ants, silverfish, spiders, Cockroaches, crickets, rats and mice and of course termites. If you can’t put a name to a pest that you have spotted we are available to help you.
  • We provide a complete inspection report and discuss your options to eliminate the pests, including chemical barrier treatment zones and also non chemical ways of reducing pests in and around your property.


It is often difficult for the property owner to verify the quality of a pest inspection. At Falls Pest Control our pest inspections offer the following advantages:

  • We don’t rush. Our schedulers allow adequate time for a complete inspection, and know that extra time is often necessary;
  • Pictures are placed on all out inspections so you can see what we have found and things that need attention
  • All of our inspectors are fully licensed for the work they perform
  • Some companies rush the job and only look for the pest that has prompted the homeowner to call, our inspectors provide a complete examination of your premises for all possible pests, visible or hidden;
  • Rush job? Tell the scheduler and we’ll try to get out as soon as you need us.
  • We schedule appointments within a two-hour window from 6 am until 11pm
  • The company is fully licensed and insured with no claims against us in the time we have been operating
  • We serve from the Central coast, Western and Southern Sydney as well as the Blue mountain and beyond, including all areas to Picton and Wollongong in the South to the water front in Sydney to Lithgo in the West 6 days a week