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Mice (rodents) cause severe economic, social and environmental damage, damaging crops, stored products and equipment.

In the domestic home they can literally eat you out of all your hard earned food, once they have contaminated an item it must be thrown out or the risk of the health to your loved ones could be disastrous.

The problems of rodents are not simply economic. Swarms of Mice can invade households, hospitals, livestock pens, food storage and other facilities causing significant damage to infrastructure. They also pose a major threat to health and welfare, inflicting stress on humans and livestock. Mice also carry a number of diseases which affect humans and livestock including Salmonella and are the carriers of the bubonic plague that killed many people back in our past.

Mice contribute to many house fires gnawing on wires in wall cavities and roofing and have been known to get inside car motors gnawing in motor parts making the car inoperable, I know of Ferrari owner that was not very happy after purchasing the car weeks prior as the mice decided to find a few yummy rubber parts to gnaw on in the motor.

Due to the weather we have been having over the last few years a mice plague is inevitable in the next few years , home owners can help reduce this in urban areas by continually keeping an eye out for these pests and controlling them by calling Falls Pest Control to access the situation for treatments.

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