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Is one of your most valuable assets being eaten by termites?

We now have termite insurance through Pacific International, which will cover your property for Twelve (12) months.

You may not even know you have termites in your home, until it is too late!

The trouble is, termites travel underground, and enter your home by concealed mud tunnels, so you may have no idea they are devouring your place.

It’s a worry….

Termites can literally eat you out of house and home. So just imagine what it would feel like if termites set up camp in your home munching away on all your timbers. The other big worry is that your Home Insurance Policy will NOT protect you.

Now you can sleep easy!

Simply arrange for a Falls Pest Control Timber Secure Inspection.

Following a detailed inspection you will receive a comprehensive written report and detailed action plan; to put your mind at ease.

But what about the future…

If there are no termites present you can choose the total security of the Pacific International Timber Secure Warranty.

If during the next twelve months termites enter your home, or you renovate and discover termite damage – you won’t have to panic, you will be covered for the treatment and repairs!

Give us a call right now on 0415 413 229 to arrange your Timber Secure Inspection.

Darren Falls
Operations Manager
Falls Pest Control

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