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HomeGuard .... What is it ?

HomeGuard is a Precision Termite Management system which is a physical and chemical subterranean termite barrier in one. It is installed to the foundations of new buildings or extensions to provide a continuous barrier, which prevents concealed entry of subterranean termites into the building, thereby protecting your asset. The HomeGuard product range is manufactured in Australia from polymer based products and incorporates FMC’s market leading liquid subterranean termite barrier Biflex, which has protected over one million homes in Australia.

The HomeGuard range includes

various purpose-designed polymer sheeting – for underlay of slab and retaining walls (TMB) and perimeter wall cavity sheets (Blue and DPC)
a granular barrier (GT) for subterranean termite proofing voids
plastic collars for use in slab to protect service penetrations
Regardless of your home’s individual design, there is a total HomeGuard solution to suit a wide range of structural requirements.

How does HomeGuard work?

HomeGuard utilises the proven power of Biflex which is incorporated into its plastic matrix. Biflex is a synthetic pyrethroid modelled on Mother Nature’s very effective insecticide pyrethrum, which is extracted from the pyrethrum daisy.

HomeGuard works quickly to REPEL, KILL and BLOCK foraging subterranean termites and when installed as directed, provides an ongoing protective barrier that surrounds your home.

How long will HomeGuard Last?

The HomeGuard range of products are made from high quality, UV stabilised polymers, designed to handle the rigours of construction and to provide an effective subterranean termite management system for at least 50 years.

HomeGuard sheeting and collars are CodeMark Accredited(comply with the Building Code of Australia) and are approved for building works Australia- wide.

How is HomeGuard Installed?

HomeGuard is installed during your home’s construction and sealed permanently to the foundations of the building, eg. under/in slab and in the perimeter wall cavity.

Installing HomeGuard is safe and easy. The material will not cut or sensitise, and is lightweight, odourless and non-allergenic.

All products must be installed by a trained and qualified FMC HomeGuard Accredited Operator, in order to validate your FMC Million Dollar Warranty. Terms and Conditions apply, see www.fmcaustralasia.com.au for details)

After installation and to maintain your warranty you are required to arrange the completion of an annual termite inspection, by a qualified Pest Manager.

This is to ensure that the integrity of the HomeGuard barrier has not been compromised and aligns with requirements of Australian Standard AS3660 – 2000 Termite Management Parts 1 & 2.

Why is HomeGuard superior to competing brands?

It is a physical/chemical barrier that incorporates Biflex, a proven market leading termiticide already protecting over a million Australian properties.
HomeGuard will not corrode, crack or delaminate.
The FMC Million Dollar manufacturer’s warranty is unique in the Australian market. We are the first company to offer consumers this level of assurance.
HomeGuard offers a complete range of versatile components that provide coverage for a wide range of structural scenarios within a new home.
HomeGuard’s distinctive list of clients includes many of Australia’s well- known and trusted domestic construction companies.

What makes HomeGuard a Cost Effective Choice?

Because it is a single-installation product,HomeGuard is a low cost system when considered over the lifetime of your home.

In many cases, HomeGuard sheeting serves a dual purpose, both as a subterranean Termite Treatment Picton barrier and an appropriate moisture barrier thereby reducing cost.

The installation of HomeGuard fits seamlessly with the construction process for your new home. Our construction partners save time (and their clients’ money) as a result.

A HomeGuard barrier offers the Homeowner total peace of mind because it is backed by the FMC Million Dollar, 25 years manufacturer’s warranty.

HomeGuard products are HIA GreenSmart Accredited

GreenSmart was established in 1999 by the Housing Industry Association of Australia (HIA) as a voluntary, practical approach to building that focuses on educating builders, designers, product manufacturers and consumers about the benefits of environmentally responsiblehousing. GreenSmart is an industry-driven initiative that encourages the application of its principles to mainstream housing and provides appropriate market recognition for practical, affordable and durable environmental solutions for residential design and construction. For more information about HIA GreenSmart Accredited products, click www.hia.com.au

FMC HomeGuard Million Dollar Warranty

At FMC we wanted to make our commitment to the Australian homeowner absolute and transparent. Knowing that most general household insurance does not cover subterranean termite damage, we have introduced the ultimate subterranean termite secure warranty for Australian homeowners.

A no-nonsense, simple warranty covering all structural and decorative timbers that are protected by a HomeGuard subterranean termite barrier which has been correctly installed by an FMC trained HomeGuard Accredited Operator.

The 25 Year Million Dollar Warranty is conditional on undertaking an annual inspection of the property as detailed in the Australian Standard 4349.3, to be conducted by a HomeGuard Accredited Operator at the home owner’s expense. Other conditions apply. A link to the full warranty terms and conditions is at www.homeguardptm.com.au.

HomeGuard Accredited Operators

Only FMC trained HomeGuard Accredited Operators can arrange the FMC Million Dollar Warranty (which is issued by FMC when HomeGuard products have been used to the recommendations of all relevant Australian standards, registered label instructions and the HomeGuard Accredited Operators Training Manual).

HomeGuard CodeMark Certificate of Conformity

The CodeMark Scheme supports the use of new and innovative building products by providing a nationally and internationally accepted process for products to be assessed for compliance with the requirements of the building codes of Australia and New Zealand. The scheme provides confidence and certainty to regulatory authorities and the market through the issue of a Certificate of Conformity.