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Bird damage is a significant problem in Australia, with over 30 species that can cause significant losses to fruit, nut, grain, rice and agricultural industries. In urban areas they damage infrastructure, reduce aesthetic values, and pose risks to the environment and to human health.

The direct losses to horticultural alone are estimated at over $100 million, which is more than three times greater than direct losses attributed to any other pest animal except for many different varieties of termites.

Pest bird managers are also faced with increasing social,environmental and legal issues that further restrict the techniques that can be used to reduce bird impacts. New types of horticultural crops are being grown, growing practices are changing, values for horticultural products are increasing and the geographical range of production is expanding. These factors often result in the expansion of the range and impact of pest birds to Urban areas resulting in homes becoming the new nesting areas and the destruction of aerials and trees and deification on vehicles and homes.

Bird lice is a major problem in the areas we service causing numerous ailments to home owners including asthma, sores and bites because of where the birds are nesting, be it in the roofing or on the sides of homes.

Home owners usually give up and leave them alone but in the process have to stay away from particular parts of the home, don’t let the birds win, take back your home, let Falls Pest Control asses the problem and find the best solution for you to access all of your property.

Some of the major pest species are The Cocky, Galah, Indian minor and the swallow. Contact us for pest control picton, pest control wentworth falls, termite treatment picton and termite control picton.

Above and below are a couple of the pest birds and their nesting areas.

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