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The pest control industry uses some of the most toxic chemicals in the world to control insects in Australia
Due to the type of chemicals we use all operators must be licensed in their use, heavy fines exist for operators, and companies who use the chemicals contrary to the label.

Our industry has over the years become more Eco friendly as well as safer for both the operator and the customer, but it has come at a cost, the safer the chemical, the less the longevity of the treatment,

We used to have 12 month warranties on pest treatment with minimal call backs to keep the insects at bay, now the same treatments are 6 months and in some cases 3 months.

We at falls pest control use the most efficient chemical available for the work needed and consultation as your preferences on the chemical is always obtained. We have (when requested) all information/ M.S.D.S on the chemical. We hope to be of service to you in the near future, and if you have any questions by all means please send me an email or call

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