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Winter nights can mean a mouse in the house or even a rat

Rats enter houses more often and with our temperatures falling the amount of rats entering is becoming an all time high, they enter due to the warmth from the home owner and insulation in the roofing. This can be a matter of concern as many fires are connected with the rats gnawing on electrical wiring.

The diseases and smell are also a major issue and if left to long can have major implications on the health of the family living in the home.

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What signs do they leave?

Gnawing – rodents need to gnaw continuously to keep their incisors short.
Tooth marks – larger ones are made by rats, who can gnaw through soft metals, such as lead and aluminium.
Droppings – a rat’s are mm long and often tapered at one end; a mouse’s are roughly half the size and thinner.
Greasy fur marks – rats and house mice leave dirty black smears along well-travelled routes, particularly ‘loop smears’ where they squeeze under roof joints.
Noises in roofing, like they are having a party, this usually happens in the early hours of the morning to day break.

What problems can they cause?

Rats generally cause costly problems in houses –roof rats, cause damage to furnishings and internal structures, to insulation and wiring as well as destroying air condition ducting that is costly to have repaired. Chewing wiring is a particular problem – it can lead to fires and be expensive to repair.

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