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Termite Inspection

With different types of lifestyles and circumstances, different types of animals, pests, etc. are present at homes and workplaces and create havoc at all the places. Since all these pests, termites and animals have different properties and characteristics, identifying them and finding solutions to get completely rid of them involves different processes. Falls Pest Control offers the best inspection services for termite inspection in Penrith and pest inspection in Sydney to help you identify the problem elements. We do a close inspection and offer you a deep inspection report. Depending upon these reports of Pest Inspection in Penrith, a solution would be offered.

Termite inspections and building inspections combined cost is $395 GST Included. Yes, that’s right, both inspections for under $500.

All inspections come with photos of problem areas and we also have qualified contractors to give you quotes for any work that is needed… great if you are a buyer of a home ,as this will allow you to negotiate prices

Termite Inspection

A licensed pest control technician will come to your property to conduct a thorough inspection to identify if you have termites, the severity of termite activity and damage, as well as the conducive conditions that could be attracting these pests to your home.

Based on the findings, the technician will develop a termite control proposal for you to review.

Termite Treatment

Our expert personnel relies on Termidor® liquid treatments to completely eradicate termite activity within our customers' homes. We will dig a shallow trench around the entire perimeter of your home and rod the product into the base of the foundation to create a barrier against termites.

We do not stop there. We will treat all plumbing penetrations through the entirety of your foundation and, if necessary, treat any crawl space or attic that may be susceptible to termite activity. The only way to fully stop termite damage is by eliminating all threats.

Termite Inspection

We are confident in our training and in our products. We provide all of our customers with a one-year termite treatment warranty that can be transferred if the home is sold.

We also provide extended termite treatment warranties for any qualifying home.

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