Biting stinging insects in and around Sydney, Western Sydney and the Blue Mountains

Spring is here and the insects are starting to come out already.. this spring and summer is going to be a scorcher, bush fires are going to be the worst they have ever been in the last 10 years due to the lack of fires and back burning over the last few years.

When the heat does arrive the insects will be on the march into residential homes.

We have some of the most dangerous animals and insects in the world,, the funnel web spider is renowned throughout the world s is the red back spider (in the USA they call this the black widow)

There are ways to reduce the risk of spider bites:

  • Have regular treatments to harbourages
  • When gardening always lift items that are on the ground or close to the ground away from your body so the insect.. or animal has an escape route away from you.
  • Always check inside shoes or items of clothing that have been on the ground, looking is the best way but also giving a shake is always a good idea.
  • Almost all spiders are nocturnal and move around during hot or warm weather so putting a snake, towel, filled long sock under the door to reduce the risk of insects crawling in is advisable.
  • Treatments that control the laying spiders and egg sacks greatly reduce the likely hood of your family members being bitten.

Have a great spring and an awesome summer and if you have any queries drop me a email or give me a call:
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