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Falls Pest control management is more than just the purging of a nuisance from the house, but also important in the maintenance of one’s health and safety. Be it rodents, insects or birds infestation, it is critical to without delay seek assistance of a professional pest control service and eradicate the problem before it firms its roots.

Established in 1992, Falls Pest Control is a prompt, personal and efficient pest management service, ready to help six days a week, 24/7. The business addresses the problems of termites, birds and rats, where the process starts off with a thorough inspection of the property. Inspection covers a wide variety of pests, including silverfish, ants, spiders, mice, rats, crickets, cockroaches and termites. If the problem seems to be from an unknown pest that can’t be assigned a name, Falls Pest Control is there to help. The inspection process follows a detailed discussion of the various options available to deal with the problem and eradicate the pests entirely, including non chemical ways of eliminating pests and chemical barrier treatment zones in and around the property.


Verifying the quality of a pest inspection can be a little difficult for home owners. Falls Pests Control offers their clients with the following advantageous features:

  • The work is not rushed. The company’s schedules are made in a way that allows the time for a thorough inspection, and even some extra time which often becomes necessary.
  • The results of the inspection are converted into pictures to give the homeowners a better idea of what was found, and the areas that require the most attention.
  • The inspectors are all licensed at Falls Pest Control to ensure quality of work.
  • Inspection is extremely thorough, where the inspectors provide a comprehensive examination of the complete premise for all potential pests, hidden or visible.
  • The business cares about their busy clients, and makes arrangements according to their crammed schedule.
  • Appointments are made without unnecessary delay, usually within two hours of contact.
  • Falls Pest Control is an insured and fully licensed company with a record free of contradictions.
  • The business caters to the Central Coast, Southern and Western Sydney, including the Blue Mountains, stretching all the way to Wollongong in the South to Sydney’s water front, to the West in Lithgo.

The company has an overall positive feedback from customers, some of the testimonials read as: “Australia’s best organization for pest control, extending their services in all of the NSW…I had an overall great experience with the. Thanks!!!’’, ‘Very good service… I recommend!” and ’ I am very glad I chose Falls Pest Control, really nice service!”

Lastly, the company offer various, flexible methods of payment, and a service that that is worth the cost.


Founded in 1992, Falls Pest Control has been ever since offering spectacular pest control solutions to commercial and residential properties throughout Sydney’s Western Suburbs.

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Address: Camden 2750 Penrith

Phone: 0415413229