Termite Inspection in Penrith Sydney

Termite inspections are essential to protecting your home, in Penrith Sydney 1 in 2 homes have been affected by termites. termite inspection, followed by a termite plan of action will reduce termites attacking your home. After a termite inspection your termite inspector will have noted down all areas termites may gain entry, where they possibly are and what is needed to reduce the risk to your home.

Termite Inspection in penrith sydney

In the termite inspection the termite inspection will also inform you of ventilation issues, high moisture and humidity areas, leaky showers, bathrooms and mould to the interior. Termites need three things that will entice them to your home, high humidity, high moisture and high humidity content. In Penrith valley the land is relatively flat and moisture doesn’t escape very well under homes, adequate ventilation will reduce the humidity and moisture content thereby reducing 2 of the 3 things that will bring termites to you’re home.

Have a termite inspection carried out at least annually, in some areas like Penrith Sydney you may need to have it carried out every 6 months.

A termite inspection may Save you tens of thousands of dollars in repair bills. A termite inspection in Penrith Sydney will save you and your family many hours of heartache, not to mention stress and arguments. A termite inspection is a small price to pay to ensure your home stays your home for many years to come.. call now before they gain entry to one of your most valuable assets